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COCOONING LANTERN. Fréderique For Serax


Fréderique For Serax, Cocooning, 2021, matte glaze, underglaze pencil on porcelain, different sizes


Fréderique Vanvlasselaer entered into a collaboration with the renowned design company SERAX.  

Under the name Cocooning, Fréderique created a series of eight exclusive porcelain hurricane lamps. For this, Fréderique investigated the possibilities of applying textures to the skin surface of porcelain in relation to light.

The soft candlelight arouses a cosy feeling through the translucent porcelain, thus making its contribution to homely coziness and comfort.

Like Fréderique her own studio work, the Cocooning collection is handcrafted making each piece unique.

View the entire collection here.


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